An Introduction

I actually set up this site a while ago, but have not been posting any content. I convinced myself it was because I was “still tweaking the CSS”, or “I want my first post to be great, but I don’t know what it should be.” While both of these things still remain true, I came to the conclusion that if I want to write, I should just write, the site design and everything else can be fixed later. I was motivated to this conclusion by the same force that motivated me to create this site, Steve Jobs.

At first I was loathe to make my first post about Jobs, given the obituaries and commentary that were written following his premature end, but it was his “do…something” quotes that genuinely inspired me to create anything at all.

I am writing this first post while watching the WWDC 2011 Keynote (the first time I have actually sat down and watched it), however, I only made it to the end of Steve’s introduction before I had to pause the video and switch to Byword to start typing. I described Steve Jobs as a “force” earlier, and that wording was very much intentional.

Anyone that knows me will have realised that I have become increasingly interested (obsessed?) with technology. Not just hardware specs, or UI design, but the entirety of the impact, and more importantly, potential impact that technology can and will have on our lives. Technology should make things easier, for everyone, not just nerds. So when I come across opaque design, it’s frustrating. Instead of discussing (dictating?) at length, or forcing my friends to ‘tune me out’, I decided to try and turn it into a positive.

I’d never set up a site (and all that comes with it), and I’ve always had a desire to be a (part-time) writer. This site will allow me to combine the latent writer in me with my exigent need to “do…something”.

Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t all be about ‘technology’, I’ll basically just write about what interests me.

Including video games.

Because I’m a nerd.