The Best Point-and-Shoot is the one in your Pocket

What struck me reading through this article at Ars Technica, apart from the amazement that we can even compare a phone camera to those used by professional photographers, was just how poor the Samsung phone’s pictures looked in comparison. On every picture, the Samsung seemed out-of-place, as if it was only included just to have a non-Apple phone in the tests. It is these types of tests that show up spec sheet comparisons as the unhelpful markers I believe them to be.

‘Megapixels’ is the term that the manufacturers and PR people have latched on to as a way to sell cameras to the masses, just as the resolution of a TV (e.g. 1080i vs. 1080p) is now the de-facto standard in decision-making, whereas it is clear that they are not the be-all and end-all for determining the quality (or desirability) of a device.

While these Android phones, with their big shiny screens, may look good in the store, I wonder how many people are still really happy with them months after purchase. Or how many believe that there is truly nothing better.