…In which I belatedly thank Qotpa.com

I haven’t posted much recently, as I’ve been too busy pretending that I have a ‘life’. But a couple of weeks ago I was featured (? I’m unsure, that doesn’t feel like the right word to me, it was basically a short post mentioning this site, my weight, and my beard. I guess ‘featured’ will do), on Glasgow’s best video game site, Qotpa.com. They said some very nice things about me, of which I am extremely grateful. As such, they have the honour of being the first entry on the brand new ‘Recommended’ page. That sounds as if I’m only doing this because they said nice things, but I can assure you that my motives are wholly altruistic. They do great work over there, and I wish I could motiviate myself to post as much as they do (I’m much too busy playing the games they cover), though they do have a significantly higher head count than my one.

Anyway, if you are looking for a place to get your up-to-the-minute-video-game-news fix, I can ‘Recommend’ (what I did there, you see it?) them.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Qotpa.com is now more. I’ll leave the link here for sentimental value, and I’ll leave the ‘Recommended’ page up, but I guess it’ll just be blank until…it’s not.