Comments Off (Just Like Everyone Else)

So, I’ve taken the decision to turn off comments on this site.

If you keep up with this sort of thing, you’ll have noticed that this is a growing trend, and was certainly the “hot topic” some time back (as usual I’ve waited too long to formulate my thoughts, and have missed the boat on this one). If you are interested, there is better and more complete discourse on this subject from Matt Gemmell, MG Siegler, and at MacStories, among others.

I don’t really want to re-tred old ground here by going over the points elequently made by those I have linked to, but it suffices to say, I’m not really interested in getting into the ‘religous war’ around whether blogs should have comments or not. Yes, I believe that 99.9% of all comments are total tripe (no, of course that doesn’t mean you, Mr/Mrs Sensible Person who always leaves thoughtful comments), and yes, I think that if you really want to share your opinion, there is nothing stopping you creating your own blog with awesome tools like Tumblr. But, for me, it’s really about owning every single detail of my site.

With comments on, it is effectively a blank space waiting to be filled with sentences of questionable merit. And yes, I know that makes it sound like I want to create my own soapbox, but, it’s my blog, so, is that not kind of the point? It’s not that I want to discourage the dialog that comments (could) create, I just think that dialog is better served via other means. A place where you have the stage to properly form your own opinions, not just stick them onto the bottom of some stuff that I have written. I am also aware that I can moderate the comments (and I have been, trust me), and while it is a pain, it is not my main motivation for doing this.

If you wish to respond, review or rip-apart anything I’ve said, please do so, I look forward to reading it. But when you do, I would encourage you to do so on your own blog. If not, then please contact me either via email or Twitter; information is on my About Page. Alternatively, if you want, you can comment on the link to the story when posted on Google+ (when I actually remember to post it there). Rest assured that any noteworthy responses will most likely be added to an updated version of the article.

So long, comments. We hardly knew ye.