The New iPhone(5)

I think we can all agree that this is looking very much like the next iPhone.

I’m gonna be straight with you, Jack. I want it. Bad.

For me, this is the most attractive design, iPhone or otherwise, I have seen in the mobile space. It’s so good, I may even be able to get on board with the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Other points:

Headphone jack on the bottom is a big win. Since these rumours came out, every single time I take my iPhone(4) out my pocket, I curse the headphone jack being at the top.

The two tone back with the brushed/dipped(?) aluminium looks great. The glass was aesthetically pleasing, and engendered symmetry, but this should give you a lot more confidence when setting the phone down.

New dock connector? Holy 30-pins, Batman. That is so long overdue.

Side note: Don Lehman is awesome. I would love to read his take on a whole heap of other products.

September 12th can’t come soon enough.