DC Comics continue to throw spaghetti at the wall

I don’t have a huge amount to say about this, though I would like to draw attention to the first line of the article:

“Comic creators Marvel took some of their biggest characters to the small screen for live action drama last year in Agents of SHIELD.”

Really? Some of? Or possibly just Coulson? Who, as popular as he is, cannot touch Marvel’s litany of characters in terms of lasting popularity (or however you want to define “biggest”). Beside the fact that Coulson’s popularity is mostly down to Clark Gregg. Or did I miss it when Iron Man and Captain America stopped by for a chat?

If I may go on topic for a second, everyone knows that DC has dropped the ball in the wake of Marvel’s success in building a shared universe. A completely valid criticism, no question. We’ll see what ‘Batman vs Superman’ has in store for us, but in terms of world-building, my hopes are not high. However, it is pretty clear that this ‘shared universe’ barely extends to ‘Agents of SHIELD’. Condemning DC for their disparate movie attempts in relation to Marvel, does not seem analogous to ridiculing to their attempts at TV, as Marvel have yet to transfer their shared universe to the television in any meaningful way. In other words, comparing an unconnected DC TV series to SHIELD, is not the same as bemoaning DC’s attempts at a shared movie universe in comparison to Marvel’s runaway, and genre-defining, success.