Google buys Nest for $3.2 billion

Could Google’s money/backing help Nest achieve the vision they imagined when they started the company? Sure, of course. I certainly hope that is the way that it turns out.

What is most interesting to me, however, is the hesitence that seems to be prevalent regarding this deal is centered around the absolute epitome of what Google is perceived to have become (whether or not this is what they always were, or always planned to be).

As I said with Sparrow, there is no longer excitement for what could be accomplished, but rather resignation that any innovation will be shuttered, and everything wound into the “evil” master plan to consume data.

This isn’t to say that I necessarily believe this. I really hope Nest thrive under the Google umbrella. Indeed, Tony Fadell claims it is indeed about growth in interviews with The Verge (not a direct quote):

“That’s according to Nest CEO Tony Fadell, who told me that his goal wasn’t money, but about Google’s infrastructure and ability to support Nest’s growth.”

And Om Malik:

“Can we get what we need to scale our business and build our vision?” And they presented such a powerful case that it was meant to be."

Note: It’s not like this is competely out of the blue. Google Ventures has been heavily invested in Nest since the second round of financing, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.