Google’s Trust Issues

Following up on yesterday’s news about Google buying Nest, and the consequent outpouring of disappointment and distrust, others have now weighed in on the what I believe to be the most interesting facet of the deal.

Dan Hon collected a series of tweets, before fleshing it out in an article for Wired, entitled ‘Google Can Buy Nest, But It Can’t Buy Our Trust’. As John Gruber commented while liking to Dan’s tweets:

"I think Google should be concerned about the number of people who are unhappy about this acquisition. Google used to be a company most people trusted; what I’m seeing as I read reactions to this Nest acquisition is that that’s no longer true."

Nilay Patel, also quoted by Gruber, finishes his article at The Verge on this subject with:

"It’s a strange set of affairs: an innovative young company led by some of the best engineers and executives in the business being acquired and validated by one of the great American businesses of the past 20 years should be a slam dunk of good PR. Instead, there’s a chorus of concern — some sincere, some contrived, but all of it grounded in fear of an unchecked Google."

Before, people were just worried about their beloved services and data. Now they seem to feel like Google has forced a way into their homes.

The more forcefully Google push into people’s lives, the further they are going to alienate people. If this growing distrust spreads from the geek-centric cul-de-sac in which it currently resides, into the mass populace, there may have to be a few high level meetings at Mountain View.