Indie devs choose iOS over Android

(Update: This was a link to the Penny Arcade Report, which has now been shut down, and disappeared from the internets forever apparently. It included interviews with developers of iOS apps looking to port them to Android, detailing roadblocks the Google was putting in their way.)

An interesting piece on why indie game developers, who seem to be more prevalent in the mobile space than on PC or console, are choosing iOS over Android.

The commonly held belief was that this was due to Android device/OS fragmentation, and the willingness of iOS users to buy apps. Even though there was a perception that Android was currently leading in marketshare, the money was to be made on iOS. However, this suggests a problem with Google and the Play Store.

Surely Google don’t believe that the Play Store is such a success at this point that they can be deliberately belligerent? Or do they just not devote the resources to ensure that the developers, as well as the users, get a great experience interacting with the Google Play Store? I understand they don’t want shoddy ports, but Android needs the ‘killer apps’, not only to get people in the door, but to ensure that they stay there once new contract time comes around. The developer environment has to be cultivated and nurtured. Apple didn’t just create the App Store, and let everything else happen by chance.