Playstation Now

Hypothetically, this sounds like a terrific service. Being able to play a veritable smorgasbord of brilliant games almost anywhere? Sign me up! However, when you scratch the surface of this announcement, it still seems to be a little more ‘theory’ than ‘reality’.

“Then I asked a nearby representative where exactly these games were being streamed from. ”Oh, we have a Gaikai server running down the hall“ he replied nonchalantly.”

Remote play streaming on the same network is not a revelation, I would argue that the remote play streaming feature on the Vita is more impressive. This is another example of a product being shown either before it is ready, or in different conditions to those that it will be actually used in. In other words, completely eliminating the entire crux of the service. Nevermind the complete lack of detail regarding pricing, or what the service actually entails. It’s a dangerous game, playing with people’s first impressions. You run the risk of severly disappointing people.

On the ‘not ready’ note: Let me get this straight, it’s officially announced for iOS devices, and they have confirmed that you will need a Dualshock to play on iOS devices, but they haven’t even tested to see if they can get it working using the iOS 7 gamepad API?

Sign me up?