Ketchapp steal / dev entitled

A friend passed on this story that he found on the front page of reddit. The cliff notes version is that slimy app “makers” Ketchapp (of 2048 “fame”), screwed over another developer, and stole his idea. This sucks, they suck, there is no getting away from that fact. In my mind, Ketchapp are a scourge on not only the App Store, but the development community as a whole.

That being said, as I read this post, I felt like I was missing something. Wasn't I supposed to be feeling sorry for this gentleman? Why did I not care about his hardship? Let's pull out a few choice quotes.

“I knew I could easily churn out the kind of crap that ends up on the top charts”

Woah, don't set the bar too high!

“You know all of those indie overnight successes? Behind each one is a shitload of marketing money and glad-handing.”

Really? You actually know that no indie app that has shot to fame without big money backing and ass-kissing? Way to sound like an entitled asshole.

“I’m the goddamn Tesla of crappy apps”

Quite the comparison. The guy just seems so likeable. But maybe I'm being harsh, maybe he isn't that bad.

“I’m upset that two French brothers can sit around eating baguettes while stealing games from independent developers with no viable resources”

Oh, casual racism. I can't wait to be on your side now. Stay tuned for some sharp, never-before-heard analysis.

“As it stands, the top charts are a race to the bottom”

No way! But don't worry! He has a plan to save us…

“I still dream of my games about balls and cats to be at the top of the charts”

Questionable grammar aside, those are some limited dreams dude. But it's ok, he's an idealist

“it’s no longer enough to be a developer — we must become capitalists”

I'm no business guru, but I would have figured the time to do that was when you started a company. It's ok though, he's a professional, it's not like he would begin an email to Ketchapp with the words “Hey Ketchup”…

It may seem like I'm being really hard on a guy who genuinely got ripped off, and, well, I am. I find this sort of behavior abhorrent. No-one should get ripped off like this, however, he really makes it hard for me to feel sympathetic towards him.

Also, why is the Flappy Bird gif not of actual gameplay? Flappy Bird doesn't control like that.